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 IT outsourcing contracts are complex in general and detailed documents should be signed with careful consideration from both the customer and the outsourcing services. To be successful in IT             outsourcing, there are some things that you should take into consideration.

Mange the expectations of all those involved and give yourself time to determine   objectives, negotiate contract and undertake due diligence. If you are a customer, you should make sure to find the best supplier with the right price. You can do this by requesting several service providers to do work so you could get a feel for the timescale and price. If you are a supplier, due diligence is vital and must cover inquiries of the actual extent of the required services.

Make sure that there is a contract negotiated and   signed. Moreover, you should have a detailed and clear description of services of any IT outsourcing contract. These days, outsourcing IT needs to adjust with customer requirements and have the scope to decrease, increase and change extent of services on short notice. The contracts should be adaptable to rapid growth periods and to periods of reduction and consolidation.  When outsourcing IT, it is right for parties, the customer and the supplier to take into consideration exit plans pre-contract. The plan   must address issues like obligations of suppliers during exit transition period, customer’s access to systems and fees payable to the supplier.

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