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Texas Offshore Jobs

Offshore jobs in Texas are a great way to make a living because when the word Texas comes to mind, it means only one thing—oil.  Although there are many rigs drill and employ thousands inland, there are also 367 miles of Texas coastline. Offshore jobs in Texas are where plenty of the largest and newest oil plays happen.

When   considering an offshore job, the first place you should check out is Houston. It has always been a massive oil town because it is near the water. You can literally find hundreds of gas and oil employers. Near to Houston is Port Arthur and Beaumont, both near the Gulf of Mexico.  Although not as big as Houston, both employ many people in the gas and oil industry. There are many employers with offshore work that needs to be done.

Corpus Christi is another city in Texas to search for offshore jobs. This town is near the southern tip of Texas, which is close to Mexico. It is an important stop for many oil tankers. Moreover, the state is friendly to both offshore and inland jobs. In general, Texas is friendly. There are so many big companies that need workers immediately.

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