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Offshore Jobs in Mississippi

Mississippi is not very well-known for its oil industry, there are still opportunities for offshore jobs in the state. The reason for this is that it only has 44 miles of coastline compared to 397 miles in Louisiana. One of the important thing   about the state of Mississippi is that majority of offshore pipelines are for natural gas. Moreover, land infrastructure has 12 main natural gas pipelines.

Offshore, around 50 or 60 miles in the gulf, the Mississippi Canyon is a vital leasing area with many jobs available. There are major energy companies such as Texaco, Ensco, Exxon and Chevron.  You can always consider contracting them but most offshore oil and gas exploration is done through subcontractors. The one thing that the state has going for it a good offshore support industry. This includes the Amoco Gas Processing Facility and the Chevron Pascagoula Refinery to   handle big amounts of petroleum.

Another one of the offshore jobs in the state is with a helicopter rand rig service industry. Your best bet when looking for an offshore job is to contact the regional headquarters in the place. You could check out online or on the official website of Mississippi to find out more details about offshore job opportunities in the area.

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