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Advantages and Disadvantages of IT Outsourcing

 An IT outsourcing is a strategic partnership relationship. Since information technology is a complex thing, and continues to be a vital aspect of remaining competitive and profitable, particularly to small and mid-sized businesses, it is important to outsource IT needs. Nonetheless, just like anything else, there are advantages and disadvantages to IT outsourcing that you should be aware of before you proceed.

The most obvious advantage is the savings you get. You will spend less money when paying for a foreign IT company for your IT needs because hiring a full time IT employee requires you to pay a specific wage which is higher than the standard wages in other countries. Moreover, you should provide your employee with other benefits like medical care, dental and retirement plan. Another advantage is that you will have free office space that otherwise you would have used to house the IT department of your business. With this worry taken cared of, you could create a spacious and comfortable work environment that will result to higher productivity and efficiency.

The biggest disadvantage of IT outsourcing is that it will contribute to the increasing unemployment problem in the country by reducing the number of jobs available to IT professionals. Moreover, there could be delays in getting in touch with your IT worker and delays in response due to the different time zones.

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